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Faith: The Work of a Lifetime

The scriptures teach that faith is extremely important to God. However, faith is not obtained immediately, but developed over one’s lifetime. The scriptures provide an example of the cultivation of faith in the accounts of the lives of Jesus’s apostles.

…And Shall Be Known By Thy Works

The scriptures emphatically stress the importance of faith for those striving to consecrate their lives to God. However, faith must be strengthened over the course of one’s life. Strong faith will drive the performance of works. Those who have consecrated their lives to God stand by faith… and will be known by their works.

A Topic of Mystery

As with any critical collection of information, the idea that a piece of that collection may be labeled “unknown” or “a mystery” immediately draws the attention of any student endeavoring to make use of that collection … Let us examine each of twenty-two occurrences of the word “mystery” in the NT, and the context surrounding them and see if a conclusion can be drawn.

What Will We Be Doing When We Get to Heaven? (Part I)

It’s pretty safe to assume that most every Christian looks forward to being in heaven with Jesus if they are faithful to their call of discipleship. … Understanding what Jesus’ faithful disciples will be doing in heaven requires first putting all of Jesus’ mission in order. If we know what he came to do and NOT do when he walked the earth as a man, we will then know what he has yet to accomplish and how his faithful followers will help him later.

Thou Standest By Faith

To those who wish to serve God and follow the example left by Jesus, faith remains one of the essential qualifications one must cultivate in order to successfully please Him. In the book of Romans, Paul lays out a simple and profound equation involving faith that is as true today as it was in his day.