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The Hand of Providence

This video provides a personal testimony of the experiences of the speaker’s father during WW II and his deliverance from the frigid winter at the Russian Front during the Nazi invasion.

Come to Bethlehem

Those who came to Bethlehem to see the new born Jesus came by invitation only. The reason for their selection carries with it subtle messages from God. This video describes who were invited and why. The gifts brought by the wise men from the east are connected to ancient Israel’s tabernacle worship. These powerful yet […]

Good Tidings

The Truth about Hell

For centuries, man has wanted to know what lies beyond the grave. We would like to consider a related and a highly charged subject – the subject of hell. We hope you find this video thought-provoking and informative!


Sabbath – The “Rest” of the Story

Are Christians obligated to keep the Sabbath? What do the Scriptures say? Why is the Sabbath referred to as a “sign?” What is the “rest” of the story?

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