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Mary’s Special Role in God’s Plan

By saying just one word, “Mary,” our Lord brought about the comfort which Mary sought… We are entering a season leading to the time of Passover, a time to remember our Lord and the meaning of his death. Many Christians begin a study of Jesus life

Finding Christian Inspiration

    As dedicated Christians, we desire to be zealous, but sometimes we just don’t know how to go about it. Hebrews 10:24 gives us some instruction: “And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works.” (KJV) Followers of Christ Our modern usage of the word “provoke” usually means to […]

The Hope and Resurrection of the Dead

The apostle Paul describes the resurrection of the dead as a key element of our faith. Do you understand the importance of an understanding of the resurrection for your faith?

What Does Tomorrow Hold?

The effect of man’s lifestyle can be seen throughout history. The Apostle Paul wrote, “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap” (Galatians 6:7). The actions of our ancestors have made our day what it is and because of what we each do today, tomorrow will be the result. EXCEPT when God steps in! […]

Portrait of a Servant

The scriptures describe a lifestyle that may seem undesirable and yet the idea of being a servant is most rewarding. This video describes what God wants to see from us and the tremendous benefits it brings.

Good Tidings

The Truth about Hell

  For centuries, man has wanted to know what lies beyond the grave. We would like to consider a related and a highly charged subject – the subject of hell. We hope you find this video thought-provoking and informative!


Poll – Spirit of Adoption

(This and other questions are selections from the “Question Book”, which contains hundreds of questions asked of pastor C.T. Russell in various public meetings. The book is available in our online Bookstore. You can find the entire content at under “Supplemental – Question Book”) ADOPTION– To Whom Does Spirit of Adoption Apply? ::Q7:1:: QUESTION (1912)–1– “But ye […]