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Do I Treat You as My Neighbor?

We live in volatile times.  Justifiable demonstrations about justifiable concerns are overshadowed and even hijacked by those who simply seek anarchy and overthrow. We are descending into a tribal approach to our issues. If you do not agree with my perspective and my group, then you are considered a bigoted outsider who deserves to be […]

Peter’s Last letter

In This Article: Peter Chooses His Final Words in the Book of Second Peter Chapter 1: Encouragement Chapter 2: Beware of False Teachers Chapter 3: Hold On to Your Faith Peter Chooses His Final Words in the Book of Second Peter When Peter writes his second letter, he seems to know this will be his […]

The Rich Man and Lazarus

The Story A simple beggar sits at a rich man’s gate, begging for crumbs. After their death, they go to different places. The poor beggar is taken to “Abraham’s bosom” but he sees the rich man “tormented in flames” in “hades.” It is now the rich man’s turn to beg—for a “cup of water to […]

Why Does God Hide Himself When We Need Him Most?

The world today seems to be falling apart. From the corona pandemic, to the unjust death of George Floyd, humanity struggles with questions about God’s seeming indifference.
What is the answer? Does He love us or not?  Is there a reason for His silence? In the Old Testament, Job asked some very similar questions when he experienced great personal tragedy. God’s answer covers four entire chapters.

Good Tidings

The Truth about Hell

  For centuries, man has wanted to know what lies beyond the grave. We would like to consider a related and a highly charged subject – the subject of hell. We hope you find this video thought-provoking and informative!


A Second Trial for Adam?

ADAM–Why Given Second Trial? ::Q6:2:: QUESTION (1909)–2–If Adam has had a trial and failed, will he have another and if so, what for? Why should he be resurrected if he failed in the first trial?   ANSWER.–The reason that he is to have a resurrection and another trial is because God willed it so, and […]