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The Time to Favor Zion Has Come

Thou shalt arise and have mercy upon Zion: for the time to favor her, yea, the set time is come.” Psalm 102:13 [—TOC Header:h3—] Zion Hill As the most prominent hill in the city of Jerusalem, Zion has become synonymous with the entire nation of Israel. Therefore, when speaking of Zion, the Old Testament prophets […]

Out of the Abundance of the Heart the Mouth Speaks

God values our heart intent and motives. Content Our Words are a Reflection of Our Heart Condition Keep Your Heart With Diligence Jesus, Our Perfect Example Our Words are a Reflection of Our Heart Condition Jesus’ statement reveals that our words will be considered in rendering judgment on us because they accurately reflect the condition […]


What is a Christian’s Responsibility? In today’s world of multi-media Christian ministries, it seems that we are flooded with requests for financial aid. Every way we turn, there seems to be an almost desperate need for our “faith-pledges.” As we listen to the pleas, our minds may wonder just what God would want us to […]

God’s Perfect Preparation

Introduction Picture in your mind Moses standing before Pharaoh, demanding that he, “let my people go!” Picture Joseph becoming the ruler of Egypt, or picture David, a young shepherd boy, boldly facing down a warrior giant that no soldier or king would dare challenge. How were these great men of the Bible prepared for those […]


This is an inspiring story of a young Christian man named Stephen. He was was willing to give his life for the Gospel message. His faithfulness has inspireed countless believers to value their faith over their own lives.

Good Tidings

The Truth about Hell

  For centuries, man has wanted to know what lies beyond the grave. We would like to consider a related and a highly charged subject – the subject of hell. We hope you find this video thought-provoking and informative!


Tree of Life before Tree of Knowledge?

ADAM–The Tree of Life, the Tree of Knowledge. ::Q6:1:: QUESTION (1907)–1–Did Adam eat of the tree of life before eating of the tree of knowledge? If so, why did he not live forever? ANSWER.–I answer that the word “tree of life” is in the plural. All the trees of Eden were trees of life. They […]