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Newsletter: Tracing the Prophetic Thread

In this newsletter, we follow the prophetic thread that weaves throughout the Bible, beginning with the first veiled promise of a redeemer given to Eve in Genesis. This thread follows God’s intricate plan to restore humanity through the promised seed, passed down through generations from Adam to Abraham to Israel.

Here I Am; For Thou Didst Call Me

Consecrating one’s life to God begins with a calling. God provides many faith-strengthening evidences of His calling, as well as continued evidences of His Holy Spirit working in the lives of His called ones.

Edifying Our Brethren: A Reflection on Romans 16

In the final chapter of Romans, Paul issues salutations and words of remembrance to his brethren. Taking the time to remember our brethren and their walk in “the narrow way” will, with the Lord’s overruling, provide blessings to all involved.

The Race That Is Before Us

Consecration of one’s life to God is pictured in many different ways throughout the scriptures. One way this consecration is pictured is as a “race”. The traditional thought of a race is one of competitiveness between participants. Is the view of a competitive race scripturally accurate? How do the scriptures define the rules for this “race” and the relationship “runners” are to have with one another?

Faith: The Work of a Lifetime

The scriptures teach that faith is extremely important to God. However, faith is not obtained immediately, but developed over one’s lifetime. The scriptures provide an example of the cultivation of faith in the accounts of the lives of Jesus’s apostles.