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[—TOC Heading:h3—] Worship We all know what it means…or do we? Before we dig into this word, let’s find a definition to establish a starting point. The first usage of the word worship in the King James Version of the Bible is in Genesis 22:5: And Abraham said to his young men, “Stay here with […]

The Last Week

Many times in life we can feel like there are not enough hours in the day to do everything we need and want. We may want to put Christ first in our lives, but can end up feeling that everything is unbalanced, that our everyday responsibilities and obligations interfere. We will take a look at […]

Portrait of a Servant

When we attempt to discern what is pleasing to the LORD, we find that attitude makes a big difference. At the foundation of God’s Divine Plan is His goal of developing a society that serves Him and one another out of the abundance of their hearts. This attitude will be common to all who eventually […]


What is the perfect work that patience performs in us? How can it help transform us from everyday people to being Christ-like? Can patience work in us to have an attitude of wanting nothing? The development of our character is dependent on its proper application. Let’s look at patience from a human standpoint and try […]

In Jesus’ Name

There are many names and titles of Jesus found in the Bible, and there is a description or illustration of his life and work contained in each of them. Let’s examine some of those names, and gain the lessons to be found in their deeper meanings. Jesus Let’s start by looking at the most familiar […]

Good Tidings

The Truth about Hell

For centuries, man has wanted to know what lies beyond the grave. We would like to consider a related and a highly charged subject – the subject of hell. We hope you find this video thought-provoking and informative!


Sabbath – The “Rest” of the Story

Are Christians obligated to keep the Sabbath? What do the Scriptures say? Why is the Sabbath referred to as a “sign?” What is the “rest” of the story?